Turtle Carry Bookcase | Indoor | Designed by Marcantonio | Qeeboo


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Qeeboo is enriched with another magical character that bears the Marcantonio signature: TURTLE CARRY is an excellent multipurpose turtle. Its carapace acts as a support for a series of accessories. The result is a family of products based on an essential element, a turtle, which carries a bookcase, a coffee table, a pouf or a planter. Once again, Marcantonio is inspired by the natural world and its bizarre forms and can translate them into artistic concepts capable of bringing sophisticated irony to our homes.

Made in Italy

You can customize all Qeeboo products according to your necessity. Please Contact Us if you need any help. There is a PDF for your convenience.



  • Height 93 cm (36.6")
  • Width 58 cm (22.8")
  • Depth 40 cm (15.7")
  • Weight 1.3kg


  • Polyethylene
  • Metal