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And welcome to the exquisite world of Casa Living Design. We would like to personally thank you for taking interest in our weekly newsletters and for visiting our e-commerce website. Casa Living was born in Toronto and offers an exquisite collection of luxury Italian and European brands at your access in one place. Featuring convenient shopping for your stylish lifestyle year-round. With 24/7 support and UPS shipping for incredibly fast service, Casa Living makes authentic Italian and European design accessible. And by authentic, we mean that it’s the real thing! But unfortunately, authenticity is very hard to find for most consumers as classics are very limited in retail. The only way for consumers to get their hands on true authenticity is to either visit Europe or work with intermediaries. Casa Living Design changes that by making products from iconic designers easily accessible. At Casa Living Design, we’re passionate about the past, present and future of design. Dealing solely with the best manufacturers to deliver heirloom-quality designs without visiting Italy and Europe or purchasing intermediaries. Casa Living provides access to iconic designs for the first time and bring you the best in authentic Italian and European design.

“An exquisite collection of
luxury European brands at
your access in one


This is Casa Living Design

Sharing the same cultural background developed after many years of work experience, Casa Living Design partners joined forces to create a one of a kind e-commerce experience. Founded in Toronto by Oscar Visentin and his professional staff. A growing appreciation for the Italian design soon led to the opening of the Toronto office, bringing Casa Living Design right into the core of the present North American market. Our whole philosophy of work is rooted in the Italian design culture. We proudly pursue the excellence of the Italian design, providing our clients with innovative design solutions, fulfilling their cultural, aesthetic, operational, and marketing objectives. Our firm specializes in retail, hospitality and residential environments, with a focus on high-end and luxury sectors.

“If art is to nourish the
roots of our culture,
society must set the
artist free to follow his
vision wherever it takes

We explore design trends to make a unique and original selection, just for you. Casa Living Design has been a synonym for “Elegance and Know-How”. All our projects are inspired by beauty and by the best international designs. We love to mix different items and styles together for a simple and unusual result. Great taste guides us. Our projects feature global leading Italian and Europen brands such as Black Tie, Ethimo, Kartell and other partners. We believe in timeless design, made of high quality and authenticity - this is our idea of home, an overall concept that includes everything, from the kitchen to the living, from indoor to outdoor environments, from furniture to lighting solutions. If you love beautiful things, share our idea of home.


Why choose us?

Why Casa Living Design?

Because we would love to have you among our unique and loyal businesses. Keep on reading to find out why you should trust us. We offer the best selection of International Design! All the best, all together in our catalog which is constantly updated and features over 7,000 items. The best collections by the world's most renowned brands and the ones that will be the next trend in design in the near future. Casa Living Design’s multi-disciplinary team manages all aspects of the design process, from conception to construction. In every project, we draw from our vast experience and unbridled passion to meet our client’s needs. Choosing Casa Living Design is choosing a path to design the values of the future.


Our Capabilities

Architecture: We work on a wide range of scales and operate within all sectors, including commercial, hospitality, retail, and residential, from our offices in Italy and North America. We understand the importance of expectations and objectives in the design process; we never fail to help our clients achieve their design goals aesthetically, functionally, and economically.

Interior Design: We are committed to developing unique and effective solutions for our clients. Casa Living Design’s interior design team works relentlessly to provide clients with a comprehensive design service. We partner with leading European furniture brands to integrate their products into our designs. Our solutions are genuinely “Made in Italy” from conception to realization.

Product Design: Our creativity is rooted in our Italian background. We have been a part of Italy’s design industry for decades, which enables us to fruitfully translate our original ideas into tangible designs ready for production. We design limited editions as well as products for industrialization at a large scale, leveraging our understanding of technical aspects and the potential of the Italian manufacturing sector.

Retail Design: We understand the complexity of a retail environment and what it takes to create a successful experiential space. Our experience comes from years of practice and proprietary research, along with projects carried out for many leading retail companies, for whom we craft unique concepts and deliver effective retail spaces.


Consultation: Our consulting services aim to help clients solve critical strategy and operations problems with creative solutions. We apply our design and technical expertise, consulting on retail strategy, business design, art direction, branding, real estate, and procurement.

Project Management: We have vast and strong experience in the field that allows us to provide expert leadership from the start of a project to its completion. In past years, we have worked tirelessly to support the expansion of world renowned brands. All have relied on Casa Living Design for the roll-out of their concepts in North America. In the roll-out phase we provide a full spectrum of project management services, including design, construction documents, procurement, and construction administration, in order to ensure a successful delivery, in time and on budget.

Sustainability: We take a holistic approach to address environmental, economic and social challenges. We advise at each step of a project to deliver the best and most suitable solutions in order to turn sustainability into a real competitive advantage.

Delivery: Don’t be afraid about customs, documentation, certificates or any other thing necessary to import some goods from Italy and Europe, our partners provide meticulous and custom management of all operative process phases; from the checking of freight to collection, shipment, booking and boarding; from customs clearance and delivery to freight services.