Turtle Carry Lamp | Designed by Marcantonio | Qeeboo

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Qeeboo is enriched with another magical character signed by Marcantonio: Turtle carry is a nice multipurpose turtle whose carapace acts as a support for a series of accessories. The result is a family of products where the basic element is the turtle that carries from time to time, a bookcase, a coffee table, an ottoman, a plant pot or a luminous sphere. Turtle Carry Lamp is available in three different colors. Battery life: 5h

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions  : Height 17,3 ” (44 cm), Widht 17 ” (43 cm), Length 26 ”(66 cm)

Materials: Polyethylene

Light Source: 1x 4.5 W LED rechargeable battery, Light emission: Diffused, Cable: Pin Jack ↔ USB