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Varaschin Mission is to make it easier for people to live well in an outdoor environment. A lifestyle that makes it possible to be relaxed, peaceful and achieve an optimal psychological and physical well-being. Outdoor quality. 

 Stool designed and produced by Varaschin for outdoor spaces. Made with a powder coated aluminum structure, seat in PVC technical mesh, called VAR # TEX, an exclusive Varaschin patent, backrest in VAR # TEX synthetic rope. The Smart stool is light but extremely resistant, highly manageable and easy to place in any space. Suitable for contract and residential environments.  Version with seat cushion only or with seat + back cushion included.

Made in Italy



Product Dimensions : Height 42,7 ”( 76 cm), Width 24 ”(61 cm), Depth 24 ” (61 cm), Seat H 30 ”(76 cm)

Materials : Collection of seats with powdercoated aluminum structure, seat in VAR#TEX technical fabric, woven backs in VAR#TEX synthetic rope.

Hand Weaving : Among the iconic features of Varaschin collections there has always been hand weaving, initially made with natural fibers and today with synthetic materials able to guarantee great durability without sacrificing lightness. Carried out following the traditional techniques and infusing new forms of beauty that modernity demands.


Do not use solvents or alkaline detergents which could damage the strings. Avoid chemical detergents, aggressive solvents, rigid brushes and high pressure water, this in order not to deteriorate the surface of the rope itself.

N.B. : NEVER SCRATCH / SCRAPE THE SURFACE OF THE ROPES Remove the dirt on the surface by washing with water, use non-aggressive detergent products with the help of sponges and / or soft rags. Rinse thoroughly until all detergent or soap residues are completely eliminated. If the dirt persists, repeat the operation. Dry with a dry cloth. Do not dry with hot air